Over 43 years of service

In 1974, Jack C. Keen purchased the Mogollon Mountain Telephone Company which served 576 customers in the Cliff, Glenwood, Reserve and Luna exchanges. As the company grew, the name was changed to Western New Mexico Telephone Company. In 2010, the name was changed to WNM Communications in recognition of the importance of all our communications services, especially High-Speed Internet.

Today, in addition to the company's administrative lines, the exchanges are:
» Cliff (535)—709 access lines covering 1,210 sq. miles
» Datil (772)—464 access lines covering 3,550 sq. miles
» Glenwood (539)—299 access lines covering 634 sq. miles
» Lordsburg (542)—1,750 access lines covering 1,318 sq. miles
» Luna (547)—107 access lines covering 562 sq. miles
» Magdalena (825)—768 access lines covering 2,776 sq. miles
» Mimbres (536)—813 access lines covering 1,750 sq. miles
» Quemado (773)—374 access lines covering 1,714 sq. miles
» Reserve (533)—607 access lines covering 1,534 sq. miles

A Nortel DMS-100 digital switch was installed in Cliff on Oct. 14, 1994 and exchanges were upgraded in the next 12 months at a cost of $6 million.

The 15,048 square miles service area contains 6,025 lines for customer and company use. It has 3,659 miles of buried cable, 327 miles served by microwave towers, and 400 miles of high-volume fiber-optic cable.

The current CEO of WNM Communications is Jack W. Keen and the President is Dave Thomas.