Email Access

Dear Valued Email Subscriber,

WNM Communications is upgrading your email service by migrating to a new Webmail platform. With the new Webmail platform, you can look forward to an email and online storage capacity of 10Gb as well as convenience, efficiency, and organization.

Migration is currently planned for Tuesday, January 17th. In order to make these changes, Western New Mexico will be moving existing email and settings over to the new platform. You can continue to send and receive email as always during the transition.

If you are utilizing Webmail for checking your email. On the morning of Wednesday, January 18th, you can access the upgraded webmail platform by logging into the App Portal and then selecting the Webmail button.

If you are utilizing a mail client for checking your email. You may notice a few duplicate emails the morning of Wednesday, January 18th; however, you can simply delete these emails.

NOTE: We will never ask you for personal information or your email password!

We hope you enjoy using the upgraded Webmail platform. Please call toll free 800-535-2330 if you need assistance.

WNM Communications Support Team